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A real food cookbook for any homemaker wanting to learn how to cook nutritious, delicious, and budget friendly dishes!

Coming August 19, 2013

Real Food for the Real Homemaker eBook

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We are three women with shared passions: Jesus, marriage, homemaking, and real-food cooking. We decided to share our loves for writing and cooking–and our passion for feeding our family real food–and work together to share what we’re learning with you, the reader!

All three of us are “recent” homemakers. Four years ago none of us had made chicken stock or hosted a dinner party all by ourselves. While we all had excellent mothers who taught us many of the basics of cooking, we have had to learn so much in the years since we were married and began managing our own kitchens.

We want to share this passion with you and offer tasty and healthy recipes!

What’s Inside

Along with 78 real food recipes that are easy to make in any kitchen, we also have included 8 chapters that cover everything from freezer cooking to grocery shopping on a budget to help you discover what a real food kitchen looks like!

Table of Contents: 


Chapter 1: Getting to the Basics of Real Food Cooking
Chapter 2: One Ingredient, Many Meals: Building on the Basics
Chapter 3: Kitchen Tools
Chapter 4: Frugal Grocery Shopping
Chapter 5: Planning Ahead with Freezer Cooking
Chapter 6: Use This, Not That: Real Food Ingredient Substitutions
Chapter 7: Make It Yourself
Chapter 8: Hospitality and Real Food

Breads & Breakfast Recipes {Includes 20 Recipes}

Sides, Soups, & Salad Recipe {Includes 25 Recipes}

Entrée Recipes {Includes 24 Recipes}

Dessert Recipes {Includes 9 Recipes}

About the Authors

Learn How to Make the Basics

Included in this comprehensive cookbook are 78 real food recipes including some basics that are good to know!

Learn how to make Tortillas

Learn how to make real food basics, like tortillas!

Learn how to make Yogurt {In your crockpot – no fancy equipment needed}!

Homemade yogurt topped with blackberries and homemade granola!

Homemade yogurt topped with blackberries and homemade granola!

Learn how to make homemade granola

Learn how to make homemade healthy granola!

Learn How to Cook Real Food Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

White Chicken Chili

White Chicken Chili


Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls

Learn how to make whole wheat cinnamon rolls!

Healthy Caesar Salad

Learn how to make a healthy Caesar salad!

Hearty Tomato Soup

Learn how to make hearty tomato soup!


Tortilla and granola photos courtesy of  Stacy Spensley

Cinnamon roll photo courtesy of  Sebitron