How do I get the kindle file onto my kindle?

There are multiple ways that you can send the Kindle file to your kindle and it only takes a matter of minutes!

1) You can transfer the file via USB if your kindle is plugged in. Find out more about this here.

2) Every kindle owner has a unique Kindle address where you can simply email yourself a file and it will download instantly to your kindle! Find out more about this here.

3) Download and install the “send to kindle” app to your computer. Then all you have to do is right click the document and click “send to kindle”. Personally, this is what I use. Find out more.

How do I use the meal planning/shopping list spreadsheet?

It’s very easy actually!

1) Go to the “meal plan” tab and fill in the dates of your meal plan {sample dates are already plugged in to guide you}.

2) Then in the drop down menu’s, select up to three meals or side dishes per day.

3) When your meal plan is done, click over to the “shopping” tab.

4) In the upper right hand corner there is a box that says “start date:”. Fill that start date in with the first day of your meal plan. 

5) Hit “compile list” and your shopping list is all ready to go! Print off and take it to the store with you.

Please Note: This meal planning spreadsheet was made in a new version of Excel and may not work with all computers and excel types. We intended this product to purely be a bonus in addition to cookbook as the main product. We apologize if it does not work for you but hope you still enjoy this great cookbook and other bonuses!

I can’t open the file on my iPad or iPhone. What do I do?

iPads and iPhones will not open the zip file that you receive containing the books and other files. There are two ways to get around this:

1) Download the zip file to your computer (laptop or desktop) and from there transfer the files to your iPad or iPhone.

2) Email us {with proof of purchase} and we can send you the files individually, which will then open on your iPad or iPhone.