JacindaReal Food for the Real Homemaker is one gem of a book! It’s the first eBook I’ve ever printed off to read (even though I’ve written several!) since I read cookbooks like novels. It sifts through the myraid of information (and misinformation) we’ve all heard about fats, grains, raw milk, and organic produce and provides a condensed and sensible approach to eating healthy, hearty food that tastes like it came from Grandma’s kitchen. Everyone from beginner cooks to experienced chefs will appreciate the tried and true kitchen tips, photographed mouth-watering, traditional recipes, and the heart and soul the authors have poured into Real Food for the Real Homemaker.”   ~ Jacinda Vandenberg


Ashley“Before I read Real Food for the Real Homemaker, I was confused as to what a real food diet was really about. I was pleasantly surprised by the easy to follow recipes, simple tips, encouragement and advice Jaimie, Elsie and Jami offer in the book. Instead of feeling guilty like I have after reading a lot of other health advice, I felt empowered to make be able to make wise choices. I can’t wait to start trying some of the recipes!” ~ Ashley Rose Roe


shari1-150x150Real Food for the Real Homemaker is totally REAL!  After receiving a copy of this awesome cookbook,  I have to say that I am very impressed with the sweetness of the authors Jaimie, Jami and Elsie.  Their hearts shine through with their passion to equip the homemaker with real life cooking.    From personal excerpts from their own cooking experiences and personal deeelishousness in their recipes…Real Food for the Real Homemaker is packed with how to’s, nutritional information and wonderful recipes.  I would HIGHLY recommend it!”  ~ Shari, Faith Filled Food for Moms


“Real Food for the Real Homemaker is a fantastic cookbook for people who want an easy how-to guide to make truly nourishing, tasty, and healthy meals for their families. The recipes are fairly simple, use whole food ingredients, and are versatile enough to create variations for your family’s food needs and preferences. This book is also packed with helpful information on how to change your thinking on eating whole foods, as well as important facts about healthy fats and carbohydrates. Helpful kitchen tools, shopping plans, freezer meals, and making cereals and yogurts from scratch are also discussed in depth and in a way that is not overwhelming in the least! Real Food for the Real Homemaker is definitely a cookbook that should be in every young wife’s kitchen!” ~ Bethany Staswick, A Lifetime of Spring

“I am wanting so bad to learn to cook “real” again! Life gets so busy and we love all the easy ways, but I know God is wanting more from me. I have been doing so much reading on the internet lately and I just feel overwhelmed and I don’t know where to start, so your catchy little sales pitch caught my eye–because that’s exactly where I am! I am just at the beginning stage of empty nest and my whole budget is changing. I have left my full-time job to actually have our income cut in half, so I need to be very frugal and want to be able to be healthy as well. It’s all so overwhelming, but I know with God’s help and your book, I will be off to a good start! Thank you!” ~ Anonymous